I’m a cellist turned viticulture and enology student, studying at UC Davis via their online extension. BM, cello performance 2000, MS.Ed, 2011.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, currently in DC, with stops in London, Baltimore and Minneapolis in between. I always knew I wanted to be around wine and vineyards, so when an injury largely sidelined my cello performance career, the opportunity seemed ripe.

I love: hockey, animals, traveling, and Champagne.

I can’t stand: dull knives, adults who act like children, and broken Riedel glasses.

The Thirsty Cellist is not written by a wine expert! It’s mostly meant to be a resource for my friends who keep asking me to teach them about wine- so I just share interesting stuff I come across in the hopes that it contributes to the reader’s deeper understanding and enjoyment of wine.

Cheers, to you and yours!