quickie bargain of the week and homebrew update!

Things have been busy and a little disorganized, but I can at least hip you to another wine to try.

So this is the Domaine de la Colline 2015 Chinon, a gorgeous French wine from the Loire made from 100% Cabernet Franc grapes. It’s a steal at around $14, with deep fruit flavors like fig and cooked blackberry and a complex, rewarding herbaceous finish.

Next up is the end result of my home winemaking attempt #1. It’s surprisingly not bad, considering that it’s made from juice concentrate. It tastes like a middle of the road Chardonnay, but has a distinct banana aroma that makes me laugh when I taste it.

Next step is getting some real fruit and trying to make wine from higher quality juice. Many more steps, much higher probability of things going terribly wrong!

Back soon, friends. Santé!


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